About Matt

Photo of Matt Bower

Hi there! My name is Matt. I'm a web-focused full stack engineer. I've been coding professionally since late 2004. I love working on the web with all the good it brings, and even the bad. Not only that, but I believe in the web for the open platform that it has become and has yet to become.

I started in consulting work, building and working on sites for small businesses, universities, non-profits, and even a few Fortune 500 companies. Working for mostly small agencies and a little freelancing myself, I learned to wear many hats comfortably, developing other important skills beyond coding that contribute to building successful websites and working with my team and my clients.

I later transitioned into product-centric work and have worked for startups at various stages in their growth. I helped build modular and scalable UI systems, collaborated with designers and stakeholders to develop and refine features and user experiences, raised awareness and appreciation for good frontend development, and mentored junior engineers.

My specialties include: building and architecting scalable, modular UI systems; building robust websites using progressive enhancement (in the browser and supported by the server), browser accessibility features, and mobile-first coding practices; and a huge interest in progressive web applications.

You can find me on Twitter and GitHub. When I'm not writing code, I can be found swing dancing, buckling swashes one d10 at a time, searching for delicious noms, whipping up something tasty in the kitchen, watching animated movies, or generally geeking out.